Monday, March 16, 2015

How to use TM100 Key Programmer?

Yes this company is very problamatic my TM100 is now completely stuffed after the last update to 2.1 and I must send it back to the factory.Their engineer spent a lot of time to try and get it to work again on Teamviewer but to no avail.So if you consider all the costs ,shipping etc then I wonder if it is worth it

I bought TM100 in June 2014 but the time you could not update for module for Peugeot model 307 as my first software to be updated.

I've since June could not use my TM100 and would like to have it updated to version 2.1 now released on this page.

The links that are on the side is an old version,and I can not find a link to the version 2.1 that works,
I would therefore ask you to send me a link to update

I would also like to re-book the module for Peugeot which functions to model the 307.

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