Monday, March 16, 2015

How to use TM100 Key Programmer?

Yes this company is very problamatic my TM100 is now completely stuffed after the last update to 2.1 and I must send it back to the factory.Their engineer spent a lot of time to try and get it to work again on Teamviewer but to no avail.So if you consider all the costs ,shipping etc then I wonder if it is worth it

I bought TM100 in June 2014 but the time you could not update for module for Peugeot model 307 as my first software to be updated.

I've since June could not use my TM100 and would like to have it updated to version 2.1 now released on this page.

The links that are on the side is an old version,and I can not find a link to the version 2.1 that works,
I would therefore ask you to send me a link to update

I would also like to re-book the module for Peugeot which functions to model the 307.

Monday, March 9, 2015

TM100 key programmer what advantages compared with the tango?

It is a new generation of  Key Programmer that named TM100 Key Programmer, which is developed to cover, read, write and generate the latest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies.More features and functions such as reading the Kilometers and BMW software module was upgraded,including VIN and transponder type for all BMW keys,Immo pin code is also displayed for some auto models.

 With Our TM100 Key programmer you can generate images for many different original transponders like Philips ID33, Philips Crypto for different ID's and Texas crypto.After generating a new transponder with this Programmer, you will not need any additional diagnostic equipment to program the generated transponder to the car.It will start the car directly! All you need to do is write the new file back into the immobilizer system.

Tango key programmer can produce working keys by eprom dump, identify transponders, clone keys, and much much more. Add additional capabilities as needed by purchasing other software packages. Basic Tango Software now includes these additional features at no extra cost to you.For all owners of our original/genuine TANGO Programmer, you must update your unit eevry time a new update is released by us because if you do not update your TANGO Programmer for more than 3 months then it will lock and you would have to send it back to us for unlocking!

First: Domestic 44 write directly
Second:MG 3 and MG 7 started writing

Third: CN1, CN2 chip unlocked
CN1, CN2 instead of 4 C, 4 D chip

Fourth:Toyota smart cards started writing

TM100 Key Programmer Update History

2015-1-9 V2.6 Released:
1. Add keymaker for Honda, Jazz, 2008... (93C66);
2. Add keymaker for Isuzu, D-Max, 2010- (93C66);
3. Add keymaker for Isuzu, KB250 Diesel, (93C66, 4D);
4. Add keymaker for Kawasaki, DENSO, Part No. 21175-0272;
5. Add keymaker for Kawasaki, DENSO, Part No. 21175-0811;
6. Add keymaker for KIA, Soul, 2008- (TC1766);
7. Add keymaker for Mitsubishi, Fuso Canter, 2009- (93C66,4D);
8. Add keymaker for Suzuki, SX4, 2006- (HC08, ID40);
9. Add keymaker for Toyota, Yaris, 2004 (93C56, 4C);
10. Add keymaker for Fiat, Burstner, Viseo, 2011- (95640, HITAG);
11. Add keymaker for Fiat, Ducato, 2012 (95640);
12. Add keymaker for Fiat, Palio, 1996 (68HC705);
13. Add keymaker for Fiat, Strada, 1999- (93C66);
14. Add keymaker for Ford, Escape, 2012 (9S12);
15. Add keymaker for Ford, Focus, 2012 (9S12);
16. Add keymaker for Ford, Mondeo, 1993- (TMS);
17. Add keymaker for Peugeot, Boxer, 2012 (95640);
18. Add keymaker for Peugeot, Manager, 2013 (95160);
19. Add keymaker for Renault, Latitude, 2010- (9S12, HITAG);
20. Add keymaker for Renault, Safrane, 2010- (9S12, HITAG);
21. Add keymaker for Renault, SamSung SM5, 2010- (9S12, HITAG);
22. Add keymaker for Chevrolet, Kalos, 2006- (93C56);
23. Add keymaker for Dodge, Sprinter, 2006- (9S12);
24. Add DumpEditor for Volvo CEM+ECU synchronization;
25. Bug fix:Opel, Signum, Vectra, 93C76, 68HC908 remote problem;
How to synchronize CEM and ECU of Volvo:;
Open TM100 software, select "Tools", select "DumpEditor", select Volvo, CEM + ECU, then open dialog, open CEM and ECU dump file, check and make synchronization.
2014-12-22 V2.5 Released:
1. Fix bugs: keymaker for Jeep LIBERTY; 2. Fix bugs: image generator tips;
2014-12-20 V2.4 Released:
1. Add tips for key maker of MEGAMOS13, TEMIC12;
2. Fix bugs at image generator for ID44 for China vehicles;
3. Fix bugs at image generator for ID46 for Chery;
4. Fix bugs at keymaker for Mazda 6, 93C56;
5. Fix bugs at keymaker for Jeep Grand Cherokee, 68HC08;
6. Fix bugs at keymaker for Toyota Camry 4C;
7. Fix bugs at keymaker for Roewe 750;
8. Fix bugs at keymaker for VW Immobox, by part no for 377 953 257 A (93C56);
9. Improve calculator for 5-digit Nissan BCM PIN;
10. Fix bugs at keymaker for Zhonghua Zunchi 24C01;
11. Add keymaker for VW New Beetles 9S12;
12. Enable explore key for BMW CAS;
2014-12-4 V2.3 Released:
1. NISSAN 20-digit PIN calculator added;
How to calculate:
1. Get 20-digit Pre-PIN by NISSAN C3 Plus. Open TM100 software, select "Tools", select "Calculator", then open dialog, input 20-digit Pre-PIN, click "Calculate", enjoy it!;
2014-11-18 V2.1 Released:
1. Online calculate CS and login code for Passat B6/CC Hitag (NOTE: INTERNET ACCESS IS MANDATORY);
2014-11-14 V2.0 Released:
1. MEGAMOS 13: Add "Write" button to copy on T5;
2. Can copy ID13 on T5;
4. Fix bugs at keymaker for ID13;
5. Fix bugs at keymaker for VW Gol, Immobox 93C56;
6. Fix bugs at keymaker for Daewoo Lanos, MC68HC05;
7. Online activation automatically while connecting with device;
8. Online license updating (NOTE: INTERNET ACCESS IS MANDATORY);
9. Online calculate CS and login code for Passat B6/CC (NOTE: INTERNET ACCESS IS MANDATORY);
10. Online decrypt data of Volvo CEM 93C86 (NOTE: INTERNET ACCESS IS MANDATORY);
Notes: This version inclues firmware update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating.
How to copy ID13 by TM100:
1. Select TPReader, click "MEGAMOS 13", put original ID13 chip into coil, click Read;
2. Put T5 into coil, click Write;
How to perform online updating license:
1. Connect your PC with internet;
2. Select Tools, click "Install New Modules";
2014-8-5 V1.45 Released:
1. MEGAMOS48: Edit ID of cloneable chip ;
2. MEGAMOS48: Verfiy crypto key ;
3. Can copy 8C on TK5561A(Mazda, Ford Ranger and Proton cars);
4. Fix bugs at generating TP chips;
5. Fix bugs at Volvo FH12,FL250;
Notes: This version inclues firmware update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating.
How to copy TEMIC 8C by TM100:
1. Select TPReader, click TEMIC 8C, put original 8C chip into coil, click Read;
2. Put TK5561 into coil, click Write;
2014-8-1 V1.44 Released:
1. Add Keymaker for Toyota smart key by 93C66, 93C86.;
2. Add Keymaker for Toyota smart dump reset to virgin state;
3. Fix bug at loading A3,R8,TT VDO dump;
4. Fix bug at Rover 9S12 writing key;
2014-7-26 V1.43 Released:
1. Add tip for programming PCF7935.;
2. Fix bug at loading Honda 24C04 dump;
3. Fix bug at generating ID67,68,70;
2014-7-25 V1.42 Released:
1. 18 new VW models;
2. 7 new Audi models;
3. To join the BMW key information display (VIN, mileage and other information);
4. Join the calculator, used to calculate the Toyota TIS software smart card to reset your
2014-7-14 V1.41 Released:
1. Copy ID4C to CN1, CN2.;
2. Unlock CN1, CN2;
3. Generate ID67, ID68, ID70 using locked or unlocked CN1, CN2 chip;
2014-7-11 V1.40 Released:
1. Fix bug: Can not lock CN1, CN2;
2. Fix bug: Daihatsu 93C66 4D key maker;
2014-4-17 V1.02 Released:
1. Update firmware 1, enable PCF7952 writing EEPROM;
2. Fix Hitag2 validate bug, and add error message tip;
3. Add key maker for BMW EWS4;

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